What is infant massage therapy?

What is infant massage therapy? Massage

Have you ever heard about infant ( or baby ) massage?

There are millions of reasons to perform infant massage for your babies. In this article, I would like to introduce about infant massages!



infant massage


The benefits of infant massage are not only for physically but also mentally. Your baby will feel more cared and loved when you perform gental calming touch on them.

And you will feel closer to your baby. Infant massage is one of the best way to interact with your little one, so please put your digital divices away and keep the eye contacts with your baby.

During the massage, your baby will feel relaxed as well, which can improve their sleeping habit.

There are some research about infant massage, according to the Internatiolnal Association of Infant Massage(IAIM)

infant massage is beneficial to improve their digestive and circulatory systems, which can be helpful for the conditions like…

  • colic
  • cramps
  • gas
  • constipation
  • teething discomfort

It looks like more research and evidence will be needed, and the results can be different indivisually, however, there are a lot of positive finding for infant massage.

Just be caution, if your baby has any medical issues, please go to see your doctor first and ask if infant massage is safe to perform for  your baby.


Can newborns have baby massage?

What is infant massage therapy?

Have you ever heard about kangaroo care? My daughter was born 2 months too early than her due date. She stayed at NICU for 2 weeks. I visited her everyday with my pumped breast milk. While I was visiting her, the nurses recommeded me to put her on my chest, bare skin to bare skin. This kangaroo care is one of the principal idea of infant massage. skin-to-skin care.

I know that young moms are always tired. It is important that babies are relaxed and calm, however, please do not fall asleep, while you are doing kangaroo care. Make sure your baby is safe on your chest.

When you would like to perform infant massage, please wait at least 45 minutes after a feeding, prior to massage, because if you perform right after, babies can vomit…


What kind of techniques can we use?

What is infant massage therapy?

First, please find a safe, quite , comfortable and warm place.

And please prepare…

  • 2 pillows
  • 1 bath towel
  • 1 face towel
  • Editable oil ( canola or olive oil), or organic oil

Put two pillow together and put a bath towel on top of the pillows.

Please watch this video for reference…

You can perform on their changing table or bed, but please make sure that the baby is at the safe spot.

Oil is not nessesary but it gives you nice glide to reduce skin friction from your stroking. Please make sure that you use editable or organic oil. And if you decided to use the oil, please do a patch test on baby’s skin. You can apply the oil little bit on their thigh or shoulder to see if your baby shows some reactions. If your baby has any allegies or sensitive skin, it is important.

You can start with gentle and slow stroke on their stomach or limbs. You can gently massage their face as well. If your baby looks like they are enjoying, you can keep doing, if not, you can move on to another parts of their body.

You can try to massage their back by placing them on their stomach. Generally, babies do not like to lying down on their tummies for long time, so you can do short massage on their back.

You can start all over again from head toward their feet as long as the baby feels comfortable.

Please keep in mind that eye contact is very important. You can put some relaxing music but do not watch TV or phones while you are doing baby massage.


Sum up…

What is infant massage therapy?

I totally understand that being a mom is sometimes not easy…but babies are growing up so fast and today will never come back again. Baby will remeber and appreciate that they were loved so much by doing infant massage.

Try to do the infant massage at the same time of the day everyday so that baby can realize that it is time to relax then as a result, it brings baby to deeper sleep.

Please do not be discouraged if you can not perform well at the first time, or baby cannot calm down. You and your baby can practice couple of times until both get use to doing and receiving infant massage.

Infant massage is a great way to bond you and your baby. I hope this will help you to enjoy your young mom’s life which you will never get it back in the future. Enjoy every moment with your loved one💖